Daily Archives: April 4, 2019

Daily Archives: April 4, 2019

Interim Report of CH Project (Jun. ’18 – Feb. ’19)

A Descriptive Picture of the Results of first 9 months of 2nd year : Community Health Project at Jahangirpuri Slum, Delhi

Awareness creation programs on Communicable & Non-communicable Diseases, ANC/PNC, Personal Hygiene, Adolescence, IGP, etc.:  Slum areas are characterized by a complete absence of basic amenities and facilities like drinking water, toilets and bathrooms, drainage system and garbage disposal facilities, because of which various infectious communicable and non-communicable diseases especially respiratory infections, tuberculosis and diarrhea/dysentery, skin problems and mental illness crop up. The most common diseases of the area are directly related with poor personal and environmental hygiene.

With regard to campaign for communicable & non communicable diseases to empower the slum dwellers by organizing health education programs, awareness & animation, we have conducted 67 awareness programs against the planned 36 programs.  To read more click on:  interim-report-of-ch-project-descriptive 

Daily Archives: April 4, 2019

Grow Up To Stand Together

Rupcha has empanelled 20 medical companies and signed agreements for one year w.e.f April 01, 2019 for hospital consumables & bio-medical instruments.  Rupcha provides a Partnership ID cards to the companies. Representatives will visit the hospitals with the ID card & price list.  For the year 2019-20 we give 2/3 options for each product to member hospitals.

Please cooperate for the common good.  Unity is Strength.