Community Health Project

The project title: “Integrated approach to Community Empowerment & health-awareness-through-street-playHealth among the Slum Dwellers & Migrant Workers of Jahangirpuri Slum (D, E, EE & K blocks), Delhi”.  The project is launching in May 2017 with the financial assistance from MANOS UNIDAS, Spain.


Introduction: Taking into consideration of the situation of the people in the slums of Delhi region, RUPCHA has conceptualised an integrated community development project focusing on Women & Children. The slum dwellers are generally the migrant workers having come from various states of north India for the sake of employment and those migrant workers live in clusters in the peripheries of urban area, where basic facilities for living are very minimum.  These migrant workers are not officially enrolled in the government records, due to which they are neglected from all the government schemes & privileges. Even these slum dwellers don’t have their names registered for getting the public provisions. They don’t have proper drainage & sanitation facilities and the waste disposals remain in the open drainage right in front of living. It is also sad to see there is open defecation happening in the slum right at the roads and open drainage. We aim through this Project to empower them by organising health education programs, awareness & animation.

How the problem affects the population: Slum areas are characterised by a complete absence of basic amenities and facilities like drinking water, toilets and bathrooms, drainage system and garbage disposal facilities because of which various infectious non-communicable and communicable diseases especially respiratory infections, tuberculosis and diarrhea/dysentery, skin problems and mental illness crop up. Some of them are suspected to be TB & HIV/AIDS patients but unaware of the disease. The most common diseases of the area are directly related with poor personal and environmental hygiene.

Main objective of the project:  To empower the Slum dwellers and migrant workers by organizing health education programs, awareness & animation.

General Objectives:

  • *  To provide integrated health awareness to the slum dwellers
  • *  To increase the awareness on TB and related diseases
  • *  To form health clubs through Self Help Groups
  • *  To campaign for health schemes and constitutional rights