AXSHYA Project

Project Axshya (meaning TB free), to Fight HIV-AIDS, TB and Malaria, is a CHAI initiative which is implemented by Rupcha in the 5 districts of Punjab & 6 districts in Uttar Pradesh states, aims to improve access to quality TB care and control through a partnership between government and civil society. It supports RNTCP to expand its reach visibility & effectiveness, and to engage community based organizations and providers for improving TB services, especially for women, children, marginalized, vulnerable and TB-HIV co-infected populations. The goal of the project is to decrease the number of morbidity and mortality due to drug resistant TB (DR-TB) in India.

The civil society component endeavours to address challenges in program implementation and access to quality TB care by:

a) Strengthening engagement of providers & communities.
b) Complement RNTCP efforts in human resource development, supervision & monitoring.
c) Access to diagnostics, increased commitment to DR-TB and TB-HIV from all levels, enhancing engagement of community based providers and engage other providers in RNTCPs revised schemes.

Activities of Project Axshya

 Monthly activities:

a) Gaon Kalyan Samiti and other community groups (such as PRIs, SHGs, CBOs) meetings.
b) Other community events-Mid media activities (street plays/nukkad nataks, rallies, mike announcement, awareness camps etc.)

 Capacity building activities:

a) Training local NGO network
b) Training Rural health care providers
c) Training health staff in soft skills
d) Capacity building of Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

 Other Activities:

a) Formation of District TB Forums (Formation of TB Forum at district level, involving cured TB patients, existing TB patient who are on TB Treatment, dedicated DOT providers, retired teacher/Professors, media representatives, PLHIV, NGO/CBO representatives)
b) Sputum Collection & Transportation
c) Tracing initial defaulters and default retrieval of patients who miss their doses
d) Special activities on World TB Day & International Women’s Day
e) Display/dissemination of Patient Charter.
f) Model Axshya Village: Axshya village is a good step towards making the villages TB free.