Annual Report 2014-15

Dear Readers,

Besides the generalities of happenings, we would like to highlight 3 things in a special manner in our Annual Report this year:

  • The Rejuvenation of the Local Units
  • The Central Purchase System
  • Proposal of Activities to Commemorate the Silver Jubilee Year

Details of the above points are available in the report.

For more details download: Rupcha Annual Report 2014-15

The re-establishment and awakening of the local units, called the diocesan health units, has been done very effectively and that has given hopes for the future, hopes assuring a more active diocesan health network as well as a more vibrant regional alliance of stakeholders in healthcare including CCHI.

Member institutions coming together to procure their consumables in hospitals have resulted in considerable savings, which in turn is helping members to contribute to RUPCHA’s sustainability as well.

The activities proposed to be conducted by members, throughout the Jubilee Year, are expected to benefit large number of beneficiaries and bring about much higher levels of health awareness in the target communities.

Let us hope & wish for the best.