PPTCT & Community Health

misereorProvision of Community Health Services and Scale-up of Interventions on Communicable Diseases mainly HIV/AIDS (PPTCT – Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission) program is planned to be implemented with the support of member institutions and it aims to provide community health services, forge collaboration with various national disease control programs including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

Objectives of the Program:

a) Establish PPTCT services in over 45 faith based hospitals spread across India by working with respective State AIDS Control Societies in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode over a three year period.  15 MIs in U.P. & 10 MIs in Rajasthan mapped as per criteria of providing PPTCT services under PPP model & 7 MIs implementing PPTCT services.

b) Facilitate collaboration between 30 CHAI MIs and various national disease control programs (NDCP), based on respective state specific requirements and strategic fit or the MIs into the respective NDCP schemes. 6 MIs mapped to become part of various components/schemes of National Disease Control Programs such as for Malaria, TB, blindness, vector born diseases etc.

c) Facilitate collaboration of CHAI MIs with NRHM during next three years at local, district, and state level in order to work in PPP mode and undertake issue based advocacy where ever needed to overcome shortcoming of NRHM.  Monthly 2 meetings facilitated by RUs to involve MIs in developing and implementation of Village Health Plans of NRHM.

d) Participatory grassroots level community health and development interventions addressing a variety of medical, social and cultural issues undertaken in 300 operational communities spread across India. For this 9 No. of trainings conducted to community Health Coordinators in Community Health, 6 No. of trainings to Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Community Health, 2 No. of Induction training programs conducted for New CHC on Community Health, 5 Nos. of Induction training programs conducted for New CHW on Community Health and Medical kits provided to CHWs for provision of primary health services in their respective operational communities.

More than 40 meetings/trainings were undertaken with the member institutions & government departments to establish PPTCT & Community Health and also conducted orientation programs based on the components of the program.